Get Pre-Approved

 Getting Pre-approved means that you have met with a loan officer and your credit file has been reviewed.  At that time the loan officer will submit your file to underwriting for preliminary pre-approval.  Once your file is approved the lender will issue a pre-approal letter for the loan amoung with options for financing.  It is important to talk about all your options.

Although this is not a final loan commitment, a pre-approval letter can be presented to sellers and is MUCH MORE powerful than a pre-qualificiation letter.  A simple pre-qualification letter is a letter from a lending institution that only looks at your credit and normally does NOT verify income and other expenses.  These letters normally ignore important factors and can ultimately get buyers in trouble by not being fully capable to purchase and often… buyers can lose a lot of money with these sort of letters.  Most agents recommend clients these days to have a pre-approval letter.

How do you get pre-approval? Real estate financing is available from numerous sources, including some of our in-house lenders here in the Remax organization.  Its free and there is never an obligation.

Please feel free to fill out the form below and one of our lenders will reach out to you promptly.