Companies looking to fill hundreds of seasonal jobs in Charlotte area

Several Charlotte companies are looking to fill hundreds of seasonal jobs, many of which may turn into permanent positions.”Most retailers are just ending their busy season, and we’re just beginning ours,” Home Depot Manager Shannon Quinn said.Quinn is the manager at the Home Depot on South Boulevard in Charlotte. He said they’re starting to hire for the spring rush, when a lot of people start their yard work.”Really, from March through the Fourth of July, we are at peak season,” he said.Quinn said they’re looking for people with retail experience or skills in gardening and other home improvement areas.Home Depot expects to hire about 70,000 people across the country, and Quinn said about 300 of those positions are in the Charlotte area.Eyewitness News discovered the store’s competitor, Lowe’s, is doing the same.Lowe’s officials said they expect to hire about 40,000 people nationwide this spring, with about 600 of those positions in the Charlotte region.Local landscaping companies said it’s their hiring time, too.”We have to start hiring right now because by the time March gets here, it’s a little too late,” Brian Youngerman, operations managers at The Byrd’s Group, said.Youngerman said they hope to add up to 35 seasonal workers.”[We’re looking for] people that have at least two to three years experience in the landscaping business,” he said. Both at The Byrd’s Group and Home Depot, managers said even though the positions are seasonal, they can often turn into more.”I would say about 50 percent of all our temporary hires end up becoming full-time positions or permanent positions within our company,” Quinn said.Carowinds officials said they are also preparing to hire about 2,000 seasonal workers. They expect to announce more details early next week.

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